The first annual adventure event in Greece (and how it always ended to a crazy party!)

At the first steps of ΕΥ ΖΗΝ, paintball and outdoor activities (Rafting, canyoning, trekking etc.) where the basic areas of operation. But the 3 founders were also looking for the next step that would make both the company and it’s newly introduced area of operation more widely known.
So, an idea was born. To ​​design, for the first time in Greece, an annual event that would be associated with the values of freedom, adventure, exploration and that would be ready to be adopted by a brand.

After many contacts, presentations and discussions, with a number of brands, we have found the one! It was the team of KAROULIAS ΑΕΒΕ, with the famous “Cutty Sark” whisky who embraced the project.
So, in 1993, Cutty Sark Crossing was born! The first themed event around nature and adventure in Greece. A unique experience and a nationwide event and competition that continued for 6 consecutive years!

The CSC, acted also as a platform to introduce strategic alliances with 4×4 car companies (Suzuki, Nissan, Toyota, etc.), innovative outdoor activities (different each year), scientific evaluation of the participants and discoveries of unknown, hard-to-reach locations and destinations in Greece.

Every evening in the remote camps, around the campfire, with food and music, these were the ideal conditions for unique moments creating long lasting friendships, relationships, and also … marriages! Each year the event ended with the long-awaited award ceremony, a frantic party, at the luxury hotel of the finish line.

This was the first contact with comfort and luxury for all (participants, organizers, journalists) after a week in the mountains, gorges, seas and forests. Thanassis, Kostis and Yannis were usually the first to end up in the pool, after a friendly attack of all the rest. Who followed shortly as well!

Cutty Sark Crossing became a unique adventure in Greece, a dream for thousands of adventure lovers, an experience of a lifetime for those who managed to participate, a new brand – landmark of the ’90s. At the same time, it constituted a remarkable communication and promotion tool of the newly established brand “EY ZHN”.