“EY ZΗN” 30 years +. And why you might care (2/2)

“EY ZΗN” 30 years +. And why you might care

(part 2/2: the present and the future)

It is time for EY ZHN: Wellbeing for all Beings. That was the main conclusion of our previous letter (you can read it here).

And this is not theoretical, nor just romantic. Major international and institutional initiatives are already heading on this direction.

The UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the European Green Deal, the international efforts about Climate change, the adoption of ESGs (Environment, Society, Governance) or even the most recent initiative of European Commission for the New European Bauhaus are only a few of them.

All above however are rooted in rational only thinking. They speak mostly for and by the mind. Based on analysis and not on synthesis. I can easily imagine a company executive or even a CEO reading about ESG’s and approaching them as one more compliance issue. Or a child who genuinely cares but tries to remember the 17 SDG’s.

We humans are incentivized and motivated by a purpose or a big idea. Not by a list. By something that speaks also to our hearts and souls, not only to our minds. We have started (both myself and as our company EY ZHN) to create an alliance. A symbiotic scheme of organizations, people, companies, working towards this direction. Towards a new LIFE era!

So, if it is now time to evolve and enter a new Life era, towards wellbeing for all beings, we – as a company EY ZHN (Wellbeing) – have a heritage from the past and a memory from the future to guide us.

The fact that for 30 years, in more than 10 countries we have been making “EY ZHN” things in all forms and formats is our heritage  (Lake Plastira eco camp, Allou fun park, Sochi Russia 2014 Olympic Games, Athlopolis, Ergometrico roadshows, Wellbeing activations for people, brands and the planet are some of them).

The “Wellbeing (EY ZHN) for all Beings”, is our memory from the future.

Βased on the above, our effort for the present and the future is focused on making the new era of “EY ZHN” things. For organizations and corporations. For the brands and the people who make them. For the people who are using them. For communities, cities, even countries. For the Earth and Cosmos who are hosting them.

Because, working towards Wellbeing for all Beings is the only authentic way to secure the Wellbeing of your organization, your brand, your people, or your country.

“ΕΥ ΖΗΝ” for companies, brands, organizations

In the era of “ESG” (Environmental, Social, Governance) we develop initiatives, products, services, platforms, events, so that organizations and brands can contribute to EY ZHN (wellbeing) for all forms of life in an authentic, practical and tangible way.

For their internal and external audiences. For their products and brands. For the communities of co-creators and “contributors” (not “consumers”) and finally for the purpose of their very existence.

“ΕΥ ΖΗΝ” for communities and countriesGreece and Tourism

Starting from Greece. We leverage Tourism and the unique opportunity for Greece, as well as each region, city, hotel, park, resort to evolve into a global destination and paradigm of EY ZHN: Wellbeing for all Beings

Our initiative ΕΥ ΖΗΝ LIFE is a platform for Life experiences. Literally!

Innovative physical and digital infrastructure, programs and content leading to Wellbeing for Anthropos, Gaia, Cosmos. Also leveraging the unique identity and characteristics of each location and place.

             – CELL OF LIFE Wellbeing for land

             – Xplore BLUE Wellbeing for sea

             – FutureU Wellbeing for humans

             – XFuture Wellbeing for the future

“ΕΥ ΖΗΝ” initiatives

We are working on initiatives that will contribute in making EY ZHN: Wellbeing for all Beings a tangible reality. Creating synergies, using technology, developing content, networks and physical or digital infrastructure. (Harmony4LifeMeet Zoe, Day in the future, Generation Alpha 2021 and beyond…)

“ΕΥ ΖΗΝ” symbiotic ecosystem

We further evolve the symbiotic ecosystem we have initiated, investing and partnering with affiliated companies, projects and ventures in areas such as Education, Training, Technology, Media, Events, Tourism, Blue Economy. PowerX.tech, Xplore Blue, Place2Be, Big Bang Education, Generation Alpha World, Neon and Χfuture studios, Xfuture…

Also, with valuable collaborations and partnerships from all over the world. World Human Forum, The Harmony project, Kairios Praxis, Abundance360 @Singularity University, Transformative Technologies global community…

“ΕΥ ΖΗΝ” internally for us (as a company)

We rethink, redesign, evolve who we are, what we do and why we do it. Evolving and extending also the meaning of “EY ZHN” (wellbeing) for all beings. For Life to thrive.

If there is anything good about the pandemic, is that it gave us all, the time to reflect about the things we value. The people, brands, and organizations that we are working for, or partnering with. The world that we live in and pass on to our children.

If you think or feel the same way, if the above resonate with your thoughts as well, I will be happy to connect, discuss and share more (just hit reply at yannis@EYZHN.com).

Looking forward to co-create EY ZHN everywhere for now and hopefully for the next 30 years.

Let’s start together a new Life era!

Yannis Sotirakos