“EY ZΗN” 30 years -. And why you might care (1/2)

“EY ZΗN” 30 years -. And why you might care

(an open letter in two parts for the past and the future 1 / 2)


ΕΥ ΖΗΝ means WELL BEING in ancient Greek. And It’s been 30 years since three friends (Kostis, Thanasis and myself), almost kids back then, started the company EY ZHN. We stayed together for the first 10 years, doing things and creating unforgettable memories and friendship that last until today. And then followed different entrepreneurial paths after the year 2000.

We are preparing a brief timeline for what we consider as important for the first 10 years of our common journey and of course for what we consider important for the most recent 20 years of EY ZHN that followed until today.

Four milestones for our common journey and the rest for our recent past (for the moment you can see the first three and you probably might care more about this if you see yourself somewhere in the photos which is not actually unlikely 😊)

Instead, what I believe we should all care about is how WELL BEING has changed from the past. And how it will evolve towards the future.

From its inception in ancient Greece and for “our” 30 years, “EY ZHN” (Well Being) has been focused on us as humans. But at a time of exponential change how this will be also affected?

First, I believe that it is not “change” what we are currently experiencing. We are experiencing Transformation. A Metamorphosis. Therefore, change or adaptation is not enough. We must evolve! Our species, the human species, managed to dominate the planet in just a few minutes of geological time. Often by draining life from our environment, in order to secure our own life or our – egocentric and short sighted – “Wellbeing”.

I believe that our species is worth of much more than that. And now it is time to prove it. By evolving from an almost parasitic species to a symbiotic species. From a species that drains life, to a species that protects life and contributes to Life’s free evolution. In the only known planet where life exists!

It is not enough anymore to talk about a narrow anthropocentric Well Being (“EY ZHN”). We need to take the notion of Well Being everywhere for anything.

EY ZHN: Wellbeing for all Beings.


I am trying to pass this message to my 4 year old daughter Chloe. And I don’t need to try hard. She probably already knows. She hugs the trees, and she is jumping to avoid stepping on a caterpillar on the street. That is perhaps the reason why butterflies land in her hand or shoulder and like to stay there!

Wellbeing does not make any sense if it is only about us as humans. And it has so much more sense (for us as well) when we are sharing it with all life in our planet.

I believe it is now the time to transform and evolve everything we have created towards this purpose. Our civilization, our institutions, our beliefs, our businesses and organizations, the way we look for innovation, our way of life, our education and our inspiration. From small things to big things. Establishing for the first time in the history of Humanity a universal and unifying purpose (which should be almost self-evident).

We humans are here to support LIFE! Providing a new meaning to our lives as well (now that we are in a search for meaning more than ever before).

Treating all life in the world, our planet (and other planets in the future), not as a “resource” to be exploited but as an equal stakeholder in the circle of life. Seeing ourselves not as “consumers” (of everything?), but as creators and contributors to everything. Aiming not to do less harm and simply “sustain” an already impoverished world (“sustainability” is not enough anymore), but to create the conditions for life to thrive again (regeneration).

With these thoughts and with the purpose of “Well Being for all Beings” starting to emerge, I will be happy to share with you after Easter our efforts towards this direction. And how we are trying to also evolve together with all of you. Friends, partners, clients… The community we have build together all those years.

For the future starting now. For a new era of LIFE.

In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy Easter.

With the regeneration of life that Easter symbolically stands for!

Yannis Sotirakos